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DIPAC business coaching will help to take the pressure out of running your business by assisting and guiding you to clarify your business vision, and aligning this to your personal goals. A business coach brings years of experience and expert skills to provide a different perspective. Whether you are looking for a business coach, small business coachingan entrepreneurial coach, a life coach, management development or a corporate executive coaching program, you have come to the right place.

Business coaching is the process of transforming a business from what it is right now, into what the business owner would like it to be.

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Business Coaching

business coach canberra

Business coaching is the process of transforming a business from what it is right now, into what the business owner would like it to be. A business coach is not a dream manufacturer, but a facilitator. DIPAC business coaching pay close attention to all aspects of a business, and we our extensive expertise and years of first-hand experience...

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Small Business Coaching

small business coach canberra

Particularly for small business owners who have started their business up from scratch, finding time to draw breath and take stock of progress can seem almost impossible. Many businesses don't necessarily have a particular plan or direction. It's in circumstances such as these that a small business coach can be an invaluable asset...

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Executive Coaching

executive coach canberra

Executive coaching is a structured and professional relationship between a qualified coach and a client, with regular meetings in the workplace or in the coaches office. The client might be an organisation aiming to train all of its executives, or an individual looking to get ahead in their career. The goal of executive coaching is to enhance performance...

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Life Coaching

life coach canberra

Do you feel that there are never enough hours in the day? Are you overwhelmed by a seemingly endless "to do" list that never gets any shorter? Perhaps you don't feel that you're any nearer to achieving your goals or even don't have any meaningful goals in mind. Other people may see their career suffering In all these situations, life coaching can provide an effective solution...

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Entrepreneur Coaching

entrepreneur coach canberra

If you've just made the switch from employee to entrepreneur, you are already one step closer to following your dreams. Not someone else's, but yours. A coach is another crucial step in the right direction to making those dreams a reality. A business coach is someone who has years of business experience and knows how to identify common pitfalls before they happen to you...

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Executive Development

executive development canberra

In many ways, Canberra is a city of executives! The job market is rich with individuals who possess high levels of leadership and business training. If you are an executive who has recently been given more responsibility, or if you have just changed between roles or companies, an executive development program will equip you with the skills you need...

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