Executive Development Programme Canberra

What is executive development?

An executive is usually defined as someone who is in the top 5-10% of an organisation and has some level of management responsibility. Executives greatly influence the success of the company and have specific key performance indicators regarding company deliverables. Executive development refers to activities and training which enhance the skills and capacities of those in executive roles. In today's complex labour market, executives have to cope with a range of stressors. They must be able to act quickly, with confidence, and build on leadership capacity. DIPAC’s Executive development program aims to fast track individuals to be leaders that can focus on the specific demands of their roles while looking towards the bigger picture of their company. Our program focuses on the commonalities that successful leaders and executives share and train those skills so that success can proliferate more widely.

executive development canberra

Why might you need an executive development program?


If you are an executive who has recently been given more responsibility, if you have just come into your role, or if you have just changed between roles or companies, an executive development program might equip you with the skills you need to shine. Individuals are attracted to our program when they:

  • Want to learn leadership and executive skills that they don't currently possess.
  • Want help with strategic thinking and planning.
  • Are looking for a mentor, or someone who has succeeded in a similar role to share their secrets.
  • Would like to hone their interpersonal skills (such as negotiation and leadership).
  • Are feeling overwhelmed in an executive role, or are lacking the confidence to execute decisions effectively.


Many companies invest in executive development programs as a way to equip their high-level staff with the skills they need to best increase productivity and profitability across the company. Companies might want to implement a development program to:

  • Ensure all executives have consistent and adequate training.
  • Instil executives with company values.
  • Increase staff retention.
  • Improve efficiency across the company.
  • Invest in the future of the company.

What are the benefits of our Canberra executive development program?

In many ways, Canberra is a city of executives! The job market is rich with individuals who possess high levels of leadership and business training. For this reason, it is important for both companies and individuals to invest in training if they want to remain at the head of the game. There is a huge range of benefits that both individuals and companies can gain by partaking in an executive development program Canberra wide, including:

Enhanced leadership - A confident and assured leader makes a huge difference in a company. When an executive understands the company’s mission and goals and knows how to lead their team towards delivering KPI's, profits are bound to increase exponentially. Almost all executives we talk to agree that effective leadership is crucial to their roles, and their success. The DIPAC executive development program is tailored to develop the leadership skills of managers who lead key divisions in their companies so that they can contribute to organisation-wide deliverables.

Strategic skills - Business is all about strategy, and strategic thinking allows individuals to act faster and more creatively when challenges arise. Deepening an understanding of the field of business psychology and how to get the most from the mind is critical to being adaptable and dynamic in an executive role. The DIPAC program develops knowledge across these key areas.

Driving results - Executives usually head up divisions and are responsible for driving results. To do this it is important to be able to see the immediate tasks and the big picture simultaneously while delegating and driving other staff towards these unified goals. DIPAC's executive development program is built on a results-focused model that instils a passion for progress in the leaders of the future.

Positive culture - Training executives with a uniform and consistent approach ensures that company culture becomes central to every department. Values, goals, and missions are passed down to every level so that positive company culture is built, lived and breathed.

Some of the core topics that are covered include:

  • Understanding critical decisions and leading teams.
  • Enhance leadership skills.
  • Understand financial strategies and projections.
  • The fundamentals of business strategy.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • And much more.

How will the DIPAC executive development program benefit my career?

If you are an early career executive, our executive development program will be the foundation for your future career. Not only will the skills you learn benefit you now, but you will find yourself looking back on, and drawing on the information gained for many years to come. The DIPAC executive development program allows you to build meaningful relationships with mentors who can share their years of experience and ensure you don't make the common mistakes that so many other early career professionals make. It safeguards your success so that you can continue to thrive in your career. When you invest your time and energy into learning the skills provided by an executive development program, you are making an investment in your future.

Why choose the DIPAC executive development program?

DIPAC Business Coaching are industry leaders in providing business and life coaching across Canberra. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team bring decades of industry experience to develop programs that are practical and shaped by the real world. We firmly believe that every individual possesses the ability to succeed, and just needs to be guided in the right direction.

When you work with DIPAC Business Coaching, you make a commitment to excellence. We base our own company on the values of:

  • Discipline
  • Innovation
  • Persistence
  • Attitude
  • Courage

These values form the foundations of our executive development program, and we hope that our trained executives take these tenets back to their companies, as they continue to grow and thrive in their roles.

We work with executives across all fields and sectors, and tailor our programs to meet individual needs and requirements. If you are ready to take the next step towards success, Contact us or give our friendly team a call today on 02 6198 3423.