Management Development Programme Canberra

What is management development?

Managers aren't born; they are made. Not all managers have good management skills when they enter their roles, however, that doesn't mean they can't excel from the outset. That's where management development comes in. The DIPAC management development program offers specialised training that prepares employees to become leaders and equips them for higher level positions within their companies. Usually, the management development process is made up of components that build on:

  • cognitive skills such as thinking, strategy, idea generation, problem solving and sound decision making.
  • behavioural skills such as emotional control, interpersonal skills, moral judgment, and mindfulness.
  • environmental skills such as adjusting management styles to different situations, adaptability and dynamic leadership.

Management development is a broad and diverse field that is tailored to each individual's needs to ensure that they become the best manager that they can be.

management development canberra

Why might you need to take part in a management development programme in Canberra?

Canberra is a thriving capital that is heavily populated with people who possess highly developed professional skills. It is the home of most of our politicians, after all. For that reason, it is important for you when coming into a management role to hone your management skills. Or if you are a company owner, entrepreneur or CEO, it is important to equip your managers with the skills they will need so they feel assured in their roles so that they will stay long term.

Someone might be drawn to a management development program if they:

  • Don't have any formal leadership or management training.
  • Are feeling overwhelmed in their management role.
  • Would like to progress in their career but don't know what they need to do to make it happen.
  • Want to get the best out of their team.
  • Are lacking in confidence.

A management development program is specifically designed to challenge and to build on management capacity so that the leaders of tomorrow can lead their teams and their organisations to success.

If you want to expand your horizons, and enhance your understanding of management in today's intensive professional world, then the DIPAC management development program is for you.

What are the benefits of a management development program?

The key aim of implementing a management development program is to increase productivity across the entire business. Confident managers will lead confident staff and will deliver on organisation wide objectives. Some of the key benefits of implementing a management development program include:

Confidence - Sometimes new managers are lacking in confidence because they are facing many different situations for the first time and second guess their ability to make good decisions. A management development program is like a tool kit: it gives new managers everything they need to build their management careers with confidence. The program gives essential information about common skills that successful managers possess, and the common pitfalls that can easily be avoided, so managers have peace of mind about their daily roles.

Increased productivity - Effectively training managers equips them to in turn better train their own staff. Thus, a highly skilled and productive workforce is created from the top down. Appropriately trained managers will be clear about the company goals, as well as their own, so they can clearly communicate deliverables and expectations to those below them in the organisational hierarchy. The workforce becomes unified towards common goals, which drives productivity exponentially.

Reduced conflict - Managers that are led too heavily by their emotions can be surrounded by conflict. A good manager needs to be objective and fair, and a management development programme teaches a wide range of behavioural and interpersonal skills. When a manager can quickly deal with a conflict between two staff, or between themselves and someone else, the workplace becomes a more harmonious environment.

Reduced turnover - Staff who feel uncertain in their roles will often be discontent and will leave. It is therefore important that managers feel supported and successful in their projects. A management development program is seen as an investment in staff, so that those staff feel valued. In turn, their direct reports also feel that they are in being managed adequately. It is no secret that happy staff will stay in their roles longer, so investing in a management development program greatly reduces the high costs of staff turn over and is an investment in the long term future of the company.

How will a management development program help my company?

A management development program isn't just an investment in your company right now, but for many years to come. These days staff have a great deal of choice about where they work, and few stay in the same role for their whole lives. Professional development is seen as a very attractive perk when entering into a role, as it not only equips individual employees for their immediate roles but gives them skills that will serve them for their whole lives. Therefore a management development program will help to attract the best staff to your company and will keep them there longer.

In addition, a management development program allows you to clearly build in the key values or your organisation into your staff training. Your missions and goals will become a part of your management ethos and will trickle down throughout every project and activity to ensure your company is built on a sound foundation that will proliferate in success, not only financially and culturally. Good company culture is more important than the bottom line because it is the structure through which all profits are generated.

Why choose a DIPAC management development program?

DIPAC are industry leading experts in business coaching and management development programs Canberra wide. Our highly trained and expert staff brings formal qualifications and years of industry experience and are passionate about using their skills to create success for their clients across all sectors.

If you are a company or an individual that is interested in a management development program, Contact us or call us on 02 6198 3423 to discuss your next steps.